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Out Of Office: A Travel Podcast

Nov 5, 2019

This week on Out of Office: A Travel Podcast, Ryan talks to Time Out Food and Drink Editor Bao Ong about what it takes to make a restaurant great, how he puts together “Best of” lists, and then gets some recommendations for great places in New York City and beyond. Plus, our longest Recalculating yet!

Things we talked about in today’s podcast:

- Bao Ong 

- NYT on why a volcano boosted Iceland tourism

- Japantowns in the US

- Tommy Wallach’s The Ladder: A Choice-Driven, Fully Replayable Escape Room

- Bao’s 100 Best Restaurants in NYC Right Now 

Restaurant Mention: Via Carota 

Restaurant Mention: Superiority Burger 

Restaurant Mention: Olmstead

Restaurant Rec: Maison Yaki

Restaurant Rec: Crown Shy

Restaurant Rec: Khe-Yo

Restaurant Rec: Pata Paplean 

Restaurant Rec: Dallas’s Laotian Khao Noodle Shop

Restaurant Rec: Saint Paul’s In Bloom 

Natural Wines in Spain 

Restaurant Rec: Boston’s Japanese-Peruvian Ruka 

Restaurant Rec: Detroit’s Lebanese Ollie’s

“Joker” stairs in the Bronx

Boston Harbor Now

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