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Out Of Office: A Travel Podcast

Jan 16, 2024

On this episode of “Out of Office: A Travel Podcast,” the boys revisit their 2023 Travel New Year’s Resolutions, set down some new ambitions, respond to some SCATHING listener reviews, and then relax into full New England Winter Mode with a city guide to Stowe, Vermont.

Things we talk about in this week’s episode:

Vermont Covered Bridges,Vermont's%20Howe%20truss%20railroad%20spans

Stowe Mountain Resort

Trapp Family Lodge 

Stowe Recreation Path  

Bear Pond Books 

Idletyme Brewing Company

Alchemist Beer 

“25 Stunning Sites in South America” by The Discoverer

Japanese Plane Collision 

Alaska Airlines Boeing Loses a Door Plug Midflight